Biodiversity Week (May 18 - May 26)

From May 18 to 26, 2024, we celebrate 'Biodiversity Week'. This is the perfect time to investigate how much biodiversity there is in our country. For the occasion, the 14 nature partners who work together in the European LIFE project 'Belgium for Biodiversity' joined forces to design a joint citizen science campaign. Under the heading 'Vollenbak natuur bingen/'Plongez dans la nature', which is a simple invitation to spend as much time as possible in nature, the aim is on the one hand to increase knowledge and support for biodiversity in general, but on the other hand also to contribute to monitoring our biodiversity through a large-scale European 'Bioblitz'.

With 'Vollenbak natuur bingen'/'Plongez dans la nature', the nature partners ask all Belgians to map as much biodiversity as possible between May 18 and 26. This can be done in a nature reserve or park nearby, but of course also in the garden or along the street. Observations can easily be recorded via the free Obsidentify app. For convenience, they are bundled into one large 'Biodiversity Challenge' during Biodiversity Week. In this way, all data is collected together. No demarcation of species is made: every photograph of a spotted real animal or plant can be registered.

Not only in Belgium extra attention is paid to biodiversity during this week. At European level, a European 'Bioblitz' is also running. During a Bioblitz, nature lovers and experts try to make as many observations as possible in a defined area. In total, bioblitzes will be organized in more than 50 European Natura 2000 areas. In Belgium alone there are no fewer than 14. Our country is therefore very well represented in Europe. When an observation is registered via the Obsidentify app in a participating Natura 2000 area, it automatically counts for the European Bioblitz. The point of attention remains, of course, that you always stay on the paths within nature reserves and do not damage nature or cause disruption.

With this citizen science project, the partners of LIFE B4B want to gain as much insight as possible into biodiversity in our country in a short period of one week. Efforts have been made for years in various nature reserves to preserve and strengthen different species. This campaign is one of the ways to measure how we are doing.

All information about the campaign and the participating areas can be found on the LIFE project B4B website.