Participate in the National Biodiversity Challenge!


During Biodiversity Week we encourage you to investigate how our biodiversity is doing.

How? That's not that difficult :-). Plants and creatures are everywhere: in your garden, in your street, in a forest or nature reserve in your neighborhood... it doesn't matter!

We therefore ask you to observe as many species as possible between May 18 and May 26 and to register your observations. In this way, we investigate together how biodiverse Belgium is and... who knows, maybe you live in the most biodiverse place of the country?

How do you get started? Easy: download the free 'Obsidentify' app on your mobile phone. Create an account and search for the National Biodiversity Challenge in the 'challenges' tab. 

Like the challenge and record your observation with a photo. That's all it takes! 
Be careful... this might get very addicting... you'll see.

Do you want to go further than just your garden or your street? Cool! 
Be sure to take a look at this page where we give you inspiration with some beautiful Belgian nature reserves.

Click here to download the Obsidentify app.

How does this work, Obsidentify?


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