Biodiversity Week (May 18 - May 26)


From May 18 to May 26, we celebrate 'Biodiversity Week'! This is the perfect moment to see how biodiverse our country is. Do you think you are not enough of a nature expert for that? No problem: in 2024, technology is there to advise you. There is a special mobile app that will help you, called 'Obsidentify'. So, go out and enjoy nature to the fullest! 

Do you want to discover biodiversity in your garden, favorite park or forest, or, why not, on the street? Then join our National Biodiversity Challenge in the Obsidentify-app!

>>> Click here to join the National Biodiversity Challenge!



Do you want to go further and get the 'crème de la crème' in terms of biodiversity in front of your lens? Then we offer you some inspiration with a selection of inspiring Belgian Natura 2000 areas. These are areas where special efforts are made to give valuable species of plants and animals maximum opportunities. We selected 14 Natura 2000-areas for you across Belgium. During Biodiversity Week, you can participate in a real 'Bioblitz' in these areas. 

>>> Click here to see the N2000 areas and discover all details about the European Biodiversity Bioblitz!


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