Survey about nature connectivity

Interregional working group on nature connectivity

On Wednesday 6 November 2024, Life B4B is organising an Interregional working group on nature connectivity in Belgium. With a survey that we are organising area-wide in Belgium, we want to map out which actors are all working on nature links in Belgium and what is already ongoing or planned. This forms a basis for further consultation, more coordination, possible partnerships and joint project ideas! 

Fragmentation of natural areas is one of the main threats to biodiversity conservation worldwide. In Belgium, this is even more relevant given the very high degree of fragmentation of the landscape. When natural areas become too small, not only the surface area of habitat for species decreases, but also the quality due to increasing edge effects and environmental influences. Populations of species become isolated, reducing genetic diversity. Species thus become increasingly vulnerable, unable to adapt to changing environmental factors, and the risk of species disappearing increases. This applies to both fauna and flora. The disappearance of species severely disrupts ecosystems, on which humans also depend. Connecting natural areas, or ecological defragmentation, is therefore of great importance.

Ecological Defragmentation is an integral issue that can only be solved successfully if all parties involved work closely together to realise a common vision. Given the diverse package of measures required to achieve this, the task of nature links is spread across different governments, multiple policy areas and all kinds of local actors.



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We would therefore like to ask you to definitely participate in this survey.  
Please complete this survey by 16 July 2024. The results will be processed and presented at the interregional working group on nature links on 6 November 2024. You can also indicate your interest in participating in this day. 

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